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The Story of Plantworks Cannabis

In 2015, we had an amazing idea: a sustainable urban farm, owned by growers.  Premium product at a fair price. Pesticide free, micro-farming.  Monthly harvests of medical-grade, clean flower.  

Whew, it sounds naïve to say that out loud years later! Nothing can prepare a tiny farm for the reality of regulated cannabis. Massive-scale, factory farms steamroll through the marketplace like hungry animals, aiming to wipe out any other farm in their path.

We think smaller is better. We also believe actual craft is skilled work, not just a buzz word to use in marketing. And when we think back to our great idea 6+ years ago, we are proud to say we have stayed true to our original vision. No corners cut, no compromises made. 

We like to think that stores and consumers care about the same things we do. It is an encouraging thought! For flower that makes you feel better, we invite you to join us.

By Hand, With Heart,

Regina & Jared

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