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The Story of Plantworks Cannabis

For the Love of Flower

The story of Plantworks is of two people with a love of cannabis and a stellar work ethic, falling in love. One of our first dates was taking cannabis clones, and we began farming together from that day on. We run our micro farm as a team of two, a labor of love (emphasis on labor and love).


Our craft is a skilled work, built from hands-on experience over many years. Keeping a micro farm viable in the current industry takes so much work and time, we are grateful that we are here together, or we would never see each other!


We both are: lifelong gardeners;  builders of cannabis farms;  savvy stewards of genetics;  skilled nursery cultivators;  compassionate caregivers;  cannabis activists;  students of plant science;  urban farmers; and experienced operations managers.


Our lives are dedicated to providing consistent, unique, clean and potent cannabis flower that enhances every day life. Our products are shaped by the virtues we value: integrity, honesty, a respect for the cannabis plant, a dedicated work ethic, attention to detail, a commitment to health and safety, and the continued search for unique and outstanding cultivars.


Be well, and take care of each other!


--By Hand, With Heart.

Regina & Jared