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The Story of Plantworks Cannabis

For the Love of Flower

Our story is about love, labor, and flower. We have been at this a long time! In 2015, we sampled wares from local cannabis stores and were not entirely impressed. We set out to bring home grow and medical-caliber flower to the new market. Clean inputs, pesticide free micro farming. Owned by growers.


Fast forward to 2021. The caliber of the market has improved somewhat, but our flower still makes us feel better than any other flower we have tried. It is just that simple for us. We might be out-spent on marketing hype and swag but we are definitely not out-classed on premium quality. In fact, our bar is pretty high.


The buzzwords ‘craft’ and ‘small batch’ are marketing tools, but at the end of the day, every day: bringing premium flower to market takes work, labor and time. Is your favorite flower brought to market by workers that are paid a living wage? Is your favorite flower bought cheaply as farm bulk, repackaged and marked-up with slick branding? Or do you support skilled, craft workers and small, locally-owned farms?


Plantworks provides consistent, unique, clean and potent cannabis flower that enhances every day life. Our products are shaped by our values: integrity, honesty, a respect for the cannabis plant, a dedicated work ethic, attention to detail, a commitment to health and safety, and the continued search for unique and outstanding cultivars.


Be well, and take care of each other!


--By Hand, With Heart.

Regina & Jared