Loco Mocha, by Plantworks™

We LOVE the pheno hunt for unique varietals. This beauty floored us with her amazing nose and smooth, powerful effect. This is a cultivar the two of us keep reaching for!


Loco Mocha is grown with heart, at our indoor urban garden; the first harvest was in August 2020. Plantworks is dedicated to crafting the finest cannabis to ensure premium quality and consistency. Experience the unique effects and rich terpenes each plant has to offer. 


Chem D x Banana OG pheno #2.


Beautiful Chem/OG hybrid


Banana, chocolate, diesel


Sweet, lemon with a mocha exhale


OG body high, then relaxing into positive clarity and focus.


Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene Pinene, Humulene


There is something in this flower for everyone, whether it is for the body or the mind. Linear thinkers benefit from the mind-expanding effects, and the higher-stressed will benefit from the pain relieving effects