Plantworks Lab Test Results

Plant health and product safety are very important to us. From dialing in and controlling the variables of the grow, to being sticklers about how we trim, cure and store product, there are so many moving parts and details to bringing a clean, safe and compliant product to market. 

We strongly prefer a fully dried and cured flower, where you can hear the stem 'snap' and the flower can be easily broken up by hand into a nice light, fluffy, sticky pile. 


As quantitative confirmation of quality, Washington state requires certified lab testing on cannabis prior to sale. Dried and cured flower samples are tested for moisture and water levels; microbials such as E. Coli and Salmonella; and limits on mycotoxins (compounds produced by certain fungal species).

We also ask the lab for testing of terpene levels. Listed terpenes are from the most recent testing request; terpenes not always requested by us for each harvest. See previous harvest results here.

June 2021 Harvest

May 2021 Harvest

April 2021 Harvest

March 2021 Harvest