Ultra-Premium Craft Cannabis Flower.

The Highest Grade Cannabis.

Customers seek our premium quality flower and curated variety. They appreciate our sparkly, tasty cultivars and detailed hand trim. Plantworks flower is smooth, clean and correct.

Our flower showcases the heady, nuanced, sensory appeal of cannabis: many layers of flavor; vibrant aromatics; and the feel of a proper flower cure. 


Flower diversity in the market is crucial, but disappearing. We hunt and release cultivars from our large library of rare and unique genetics, a process that takes time, patience, and a lot of internal QA.  

We believe in the therapeutic, medicinal, and recreational benefits of clean and proper cannabis. Our flower brings us enjoyment, relief, and satisfaction in the present moment. We want that for you too! We hope our flower helps make your life a little better, like it does for us.

Plantworks flower is the product of skilled craft, a selective catalogue of clean, unique cultivars, for enhancing your everyday life.

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