Plantworks Craft Cannabis Flower

We think cannabis is more important than ever!


Even at the most basic level, the stress reduction on the body and the mind that our cannabis brings us these days is so very much needed. As we QA our flower, we take more notice to feeling our body tensions ease; to our mind drifting away from stressful thoughts and becoming lighter and brighter.

In 2020, we started making personal/homemade CBD butter from our sugar leaf trim. Right as shelter-in-place started, our friend gave us some balm made from our trim, and we love it. Grateful for our friends and our community!

All Plantworks flower is curated and cultivated to help people feel better, whether that means pain relief, ease of anxiety, calming of the mind, checking-out couch-lock, cosmic mind wanderings, activity enhancement, task focus, creativity boost: we have flower for you!

Each cultivar is selected in a year-long process from seed, through multiple rounds of QA and all flower in our catalog is chosen  by us for its unique flavor, aroma and effect. 

We think beyond ‘strain'.

Stellar cannabis should have a proper, sparkly cure, and be grown with attention to detail and respect for the plant. Cannabis can and should enhance everyday life; we hunt our cultivars for their range of effects: euphoria, clarity, pain relief, mental elevation, motivation, focus, and relaxation for body and mind.

Select a plant, to learn more about the unique characteristics from each Plantworks cultivar.

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DISCLAIMER: This product is for 21+ and medical licensed patients only. Warning - May be habit forming; Unlawful outside Washington State; It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana; Smoking is hazardous to your health. Keep out of the reach of children.