Cultivars of 2020, Revisited

Spending MORE time inside in 2020 had its advantages. We were able to devote A LOT of time and energy developing new cultivars, and we released them throughout the year.

May 2020: As shelter-in-place was taking effect in WA state, we turned our attention back to the medicinal qualities of CBD. In May 2020, we did our first release of Orange Julia CBD. We can’t say enough great things about CBD flower! This one has the aroma of Creamsicle orange as it finishes. When we pull off the fan leaves before harvest, a light citrus perfume is immediately present; it is SO relaxing, it feels great, and the finished flower was a hit for CBD flower-seekers. Orange Julia will be back on the shelves in late January 2021.


June 2020: The summer brought the first release of Evercream, a Huckleberry x Haze varietal that one of our buyers called “exactly the kind of flower I want for the summer months. Evercream is an uplifting, fruit funky enhancement varietal, elevation with a unique terpene profile. It gave our body the kind of agility we want for outdoor recreation, alongside a clear mental focus. We were pleased to hear that this cultivar worked wonders for medical cannabis consumers! Evercream will be back in stores in early Spring 2021.


July 2020: Our 2020 continued with cultivars that have little comparison in the current market. We started dialing in MAYcHEM, pheno #1 of Chem D x Banana OG. The nose on this cultivar was true ‘Chem’; it has a sharp, almost chemical aroma, with a hard to pinpoint earthy and light citrus flavor. This was one of our most unique looking cultivars of 2020; delicate pale green colas with beautiful ‘foxtail’ growth, with many fingers of flower unfolding from the main stem. MAYcHEM is also a gorgeous finish; fan leaves die-back to varying shades of pink and red. This cultivar is a mind-expander at first, and then relaxes to a very nice body high. All in all, a perfect balance!


August 2020: We followed MAYcHEM with the ‘sister cultivar’: Loco Mocha (Chem D x Banana OG) #2. We grew, harvested, dried and jar-cured this flower, and when we opened up the jar for QA, the aroma of chocolate, banana and diesel filled the room! Where the MAYcHEM was delicate and pale green, Loco Mocha is a darker, denser, stickier flower. So crazy to see the variety from “two seeds of the same pack.” Loco Mocha breaks down by hand to a sticky, heavily aromatic pile of flower that tastes amazing. It put us in a good mood, as we tried to keep pace with how 2020 was continually unfolding.  


October 2020: We rolled the variety dice in Autumn, releasing two of our most unique cultivars in 7g units only, for connoisseurs of unique cultivars that welcomed a much-needed treat. Tropical Fire CBD and The Love Bud were special, micro-batch harvest drops.

Tropical Fire CBD was the result of multiple rounds of test production, as we were seeking an uplifting, motivating CBD from our in-house genetics, with a heavy citrus rind aroma and taste, and a lower THC content. Tropical Fire CBD had an impressive Myrcene and Terpinolene profile, heavily noticeable in both aroma and taste. We love the medicinal serenity of CBD flower! The next Tropical Fire release is late Winter / early Spring 2021.


The Love Bud (a Trueberry pheno) was one of our favorite cultivars of 2020 overall. Everything you need to know about The Love Bud can be summed up from a nice dry-pull off a handroll or low-temp, dry herb vape: It has a sugary, fruity, warmly embracing taste. It made us relax and smile as we were all in the thick of this hellfire year. This flower is pure love, hence the name! This first Love Bud batch was one of our higher THC results, and coming in at almost 30% Total Cannabinoids. We love to see the secondary cannabinoids represented in the lab profiles! The Love Bud is back to market in Winter 2021.


November 2020: We finished our new releases of 2020 with a powerhouse: G’Night, a potent cross of Blue Magoo x Northern Lights. Indica-leaning flower fans that seek a total body wave of sedation are loving this flower! An extremely tasty, smooth experience that brings a nostalgic taste of cultivars once enjoyed. This one flew off the shelf, as expected! G’night is amazing, and we are excited for this cultivar! Next market drop in late January 2021.


Despite the never-ending, anxiety-inducing, scary challenges of 2020, we managed to salvage our sanity by concentrating on what we do best: the slow and patient production of stellar cultivars. At the beginning of 2020, we still knew that variety was sorely needed on store shelves, and we want to continually explore what is possible.

A huge and hearty thank you to everyone that supported us this year, tried our flower, and came back to explore our new cultivars. We would not be here without your support!

Our deepest hopes that 2021 gives each of us some relief and reprieve from the mounting challenges that 2020 brought. Hang in there, and treat yourself to some great flower!


In Kindness,

Regina and Jared

Seattle, WA




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2020, To date

Whew. 2020. In March, Jared and I joked: not much had changed for us: we go from home, to the farm, and back home again, every day.

Seven months in, and our routine has not changed much. We still go from home, to the farm, and back home again, but by now…it feels different. Everyone we encounter is exhausted, wary, and worried. And then they say the same thing: thank goodness for clean and potent cannabis flower.

Other, bigger farms boast now how they are “crushing it”, but honestly, we don’t understand how to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate revenue at a time like this. We are grateful to be at the farm, in the face of our friends and family struggling with jobs, money, and their personal health and wellness since March. It is not a quest to “crush it” over here, we are just trying to get to the other side of this, right alongside everyone else. It is disingenuous to suggest that anything other than this dominates our days.

In a way, the farm has kept us sane. It is a dependable routine for a sense of normalcy. The plant cycles are unaffected by the mess of the world outside. No matter what, the flower/harvest room plants get fed at the same times every day, and our daily schedule is ruled and book-ended by those tasks, morning and afternoon.

I realized a few weeks ago: the flower/harvest room feeds are our form of therapy. Twice a day, in the flower rooms, each plant gets fed by hand. It is a dependable moment of Zen as you move from plant to plant. The oxygen-rich environment of a healthy plant room is medicinal. We never get tired of it, cycle after cycle. It is beautiful and therapeutic, every time.

Jared and I split the labor of the flower feeds, two days on, two days off. If one of us is not on flower feeds that day, that person is responsible for the daily care for our clones, feeding the vegetative (next flower room) plants, as well as the feeding of the mother/propagation plants.

Those two routines are the foundation of our day-to-day, and in between that we are: propagating plants; potting plants; cleaning; harvesting flower rooms; more cleaning; trimming; packaging; delivering; buying supplies; cleaning; running errands; and doing research and planning.

We also keep the business itself afloat: paying taxes, licenses, fees, bills and vendors; working with our professional services providers (accountants, lawyers, QA labs and insurance agents) in some capacity; still cleaning; filing; doing the books; writing production calendars; connecting with our partner stores; researching new stores; brainstorming marketing and outreach/engagement; doing repairs and maintenance; rearranging, organizing and planning. Oh, we try to do website updates too.

This is an all-in project for us, all day, every day! We thought you might find it interesting to know how we spend our days. Back in the grey market/medical days, people would say you could do two hours of work a day and make $10k each month. While that was not necessarily true, we can say, in i502, two people can work a combined 20 hours a day at a micro farm and may not get the same financial result each month.

Such is the reality of being a cannabis micro farm in a tightly-regulated industry with a narrow sales channel. We stay afloat in the face of a widely-accepted industrial farm system that blankets most store shelves, and that is no small thing, especially these days…     


Thank you for your interest in us and our farm. Take care of each other, we will write again soon!


Seattle, WA